Stainelec Rescue Combi Tool

Ogura HRS Combi Tool

Stainelec Rescue Equipment offers the Ogura HRS cordless rescue system which features a portable, lightweight and compact tool that offers an extremely versatile series of cutting, spreading and forced entry tools.

Featuring a modular design, the HRS system allows users to select only those tools suitable to their desired task and application. Ogura HRS cordless rescue systems feature a 'closed' hydraulic system that minimises maintenance and servicing during the tools lifespan.

Key Features of Ogura HRS Cordless Combi System:

  • Powered by a Makita 18Volt Li-Ion battery & motor
  • Interchangeable head system offers flexibility and ease of use for cutters, spreaders and jack cylinders
  • Cordless hydraulic pump has excellent output performance
  • Connection of hydraulic pump by hoses or directly to the pump
  • Enables immediate response for rescue operation
  • Very low maintenance and servicing
  • New larger capacity pump allows for raised height for door opening attachment
  • Extensively used by police, fire and military agencies around the world

For more information please refer to the Ogura HRS Combi Tool PDF located below:

Ogura HRS Combi Tool Catalogue.pdf Ogura HRS Combi Tool Catalogue.pdf
Size : 1305.108 Kb
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            HRS-934 Combi Tool with Spreader Attachment

HRS-935 Combi Tool with Door Opener Attachment


                                               HRS-932 Shear Attachment         HRS-934 Spreading Attachment

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