Stainelec Rescue & Demolition Concrete Crushers

Stainelec Rescue Equipment offer a reliable range of portable concrete crushing units for rescue situations and demolition works, allowing operators to easily remove sections of concrete attached to structures without disturbing existing fixture material.

These tools are ideally used for extrication scenarios in urban environments for collapsed walls, stair cases, lift shafts, columns and general concrete material. These concrete crushers are designed & precision manufactured in Italy by Edilgrappa.

For more information on the Edilgrappa concrete crushing range please refer to the links below:

Edilgrappa Concrete Crushing Catalogue.pdf Edilgrappa Concrete Crushing Catalogue.pdf
Size : 2638.618 Kb
Type : pdf
230 DE T10 Concrete Crusher.pdf 230 DE T10 Concrete Crusher.pdf
Size : 697.156 Kb
Type : pdf



315 DE Concrete Crusher

330 DE T4 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher In Action

330 DE T4 Hydraulic Concrete Crusher

430-2DE T44 Concrete Crusher Attachment

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